October 21, 2017

My Little Robot Army

Dear Heinrike, your wish is my command...
Here is a picture of all the robots I made. Yes - sometimes I can't stop:)
Have a wonderful day

October 18, 2017

Anybody still there?

Because I'm back again.
After more than one and a half years I can open my heart for miniatures again. I always made them with joy in my heart. Without that I wasn't able to make minis.
C. asked a long time ago, if I could make her a little toy car with a blond girl - last autumn I gave it a try - and couldn't make it.....
A few weeks ago I could feel joy in my heart again and gave it another try. And it was so much fun, to see, that it was no problem at all.

Have a wonderful day

June 19, 2016

Most of you think, that I'm not posting, because I'm busy with miniatures, but that's not the case...
My husband - love of my life - died last month totally unexpected within 16 hours. I'm now struggling with my 1:1 life and I don't know, when (and even if) I'll return to making miniatures.

I wish you all the best

April 15, 2016

Bindels Ornaments

Just to let you know - Bindels Onaments has a 20% discount till April 14th. They make so many useful things for us miniaturists. the discount applies worldwide.
Now I have to see, what I need. It's bit time consuming to go through all their "Ornamenten" links, but it's worth the effort.
Have a wonderful weekend

April 7, 2016

This is a post for F. and all of you who like Circus:)

I made these circus tents last year, while I worked on my "Circus Theme" miniatures. As so often I forgot to put them in my ETSY shop, and because F. asked for one, I made pictures and will add them to the shop this weekend.

I'm so sorry, that I can't show you my new minis. I'm working on lots and lots of new toys for the KDF in Winter, but I won't show them until November. Here I wrote why. Thanks to all of you who wrote so nice comments.

Wish me luck - I wrote to Ravensburger Verlag and asked for permission to make some of their old games. I hope so much, that they'll agree.
When I was a child almost every game was from "Ravensburger Spiele" and even today, we love to play a lot of them.
I come back in a few days with minis, that I didn't make for the KDF, so - at least - I have a little bit to show to you.
Have a wonderful day

March 6, 2016

I'm very sad...

Today I wanted to show you a lot of new miniatures that I'm working on for the Christmas KDF in London. By pure chance I just found a shop on ETSY whose owner is copying some of my ideas. For example the Circus Toy Shelf...
Also he's using pictures that are copyrighted (for example by Marilyn Scott-Waters from "The Toymaker").
So I'm very, very sad, but I won't post the miniatures until short before the show in November.
I'll come back, when I start with my own nursery scene. This will be in summer (I hope) and I'll show you what I'm doing, but I'll not publish my new ideas. I'm very sorry to come to this decision:(((
I wish you a wonderful time

January 18, 2016

Conservatory - Datura Tree

I can't wait to show you, what I made during the last days. I love Datura trees. but with cats, it's to dangerous, because they're poisonous. In miniatures it's no problem:) Nearly all leaves are handcut and all the flowers are handcut and painted.
Have a wonderful day

January 7, 2016

The Conservatory - Bird Cages

As soon as I finished the orange tree, I started with bird cages. A few years ago I found a beautiful picture of a wall with vintage bird cages and always wanted to have something like that - at least in miniature.
It took a long time to make the pattern for these cages and I'll have some of them at the KDF next November. I made 15 different designs. The doors can be opened and perhaps I'll make a few birds. The little budgie on the green cage is one of the first miniatures I bought years ago. He'll get a buddy and they can live outside the cage. As long as I don't have the cats in the scene, they're safe. And afterwards I hope, the cats are vegetarian:)
Have a wonderful day

January 6, 2016

Orange Tree

I've been busy as a bee in the last 2 weeks:) and I spent nearly every free minute with miniatures. And now I can show you the result of the leave cutting.
It's a little orange tree for the conservatory.
Have a wonderful day

December 26, 2015

Link of the Day - I Love Micro

I just found these tiny creations from Julija on ETSY and wanted to share them with you.
Thank you, Julija, for letting me use your picture:)
Have a wonderful day

December 25, 2015

Link of the Day - Warm Boots from Melanie

I don't know why, but this post was intended to show on the 5th of December and I just saw, that it is still not published. Whatever happened - here it is:)

If your dolls have equal cold feet like you, spend a little time and make them boots. Melanie shows you how to do it. The tutorial is in german, but the pictures are good enough to get the knack.
Thank you, Melanie for letting me use your picture:)

Have a wonderful day

I don't count the leaves:)

Do you have an idea what plant I'm working on? :)))
Have a wonderful day

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

I wish all of you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.