9. Dezember 2017

Miniature Mensch ärgere Dich nicht

And this is one of my favourite childhood board games. "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht". It's the german "sister" of Ludo and Parcheesi and means something like "Man - don't be angry".
Remember to tell me your favourite games 
and toys - there will be a give away!!!
Have a wonderful day

8. Dezember 2017

Childhood Memories - Martha:)

I'm sorry, Martha, that it took a little bit longer to make the Parcheesi. And I think it looks different from the one you know from your childhood, but I wanted to be on the safe side with the copyright. I'm not sure, if the "newer" old boards are free. So these are some antique Parcheesi boards. The game was played with flat tokens then. I hope you like it nevertheless. May the pictures bring you happy childhood memories:)
Have a wonderful day

6. Dezember 2017

Childhood Memories - Fatima:)

I made a lot of picture dominoes, but never a classic one. So these pictures of her favourite game are specially for Fatima. I hope you like them. May it bring back many happy moments for all of you who loved to play domino.
Have a wonderful day

5. Dezember 2017

Childhood Memories - Elizabeth:)

So here are some other toys from our childhood. I hope these pictures bring back some happy moments - specially for Elizabeth:)
I love the froggy ones...
Have a wonderful day

4. Dezember 2017

Toss, Throw and Bowling Games

Because Linda isn't the only one, who loves these kind of games, I show you all the toss, throw and bowling games I made in this post.
The english and germian version of "Der dumme August" & "Silly Sam"...

and "Mike Murphy".

 Another toss game - this time for the floor.

 2 vintage bowling games.

 And one of my circus toss games.

My new "Ring my Nose" Games. 

And finally my new magnetic dart. As you can see in the video, it works:)

Have a wonderful day

3. Dezember 2017

Childhood Memories - Linda:)

I asked you in this post, for your favourite childhood games.
And because of Christmastime I wanted to make these games or toys and show pictures of it. Linda described "a board containing several small cup hooks was mounted on the wall. I think each hook had a number. We threw rubber rings from preserving jar". Because I didn't know the numbers, I made it without them. Linda - perhaps you can tell me the numbers and were they were located, so I can add them:) But I hope you have a lot of nice memories seeing this board.
I have to go back and work on some other childhood favourites....:)))
Have a wonderful day and remember to leave your favourite toy or game in a comment to participate in the give away.

27. November 2017

Miniature Blow Book

Unfortunately my fingers don't have the right scale:) But I hope you can see pictures in the book - and - hocus pocus - they vanish into thin air....
Have a wonderful day

26. November 2017

A Magic Week

Yes - it took one week to make this box for conjuring tricks. I must be crazy:)
I'm not sure, if I'll fix this pictures on the box. This is why it's not glued on the top (only a little bit:) )
And now TADAAAAA - let the magic begin:

First we have a look into the drawer:

And here the close ups.:
 Cube & rope trick, domino card trick, the cup trick and....

...ball trick....

 ... Bosco's Cubes....

 ... Colour Card Trick .....

 .... Vintage Farm Card Trick ....

.....magic rings and tube with the wand....

... and finally the Blow Book. This will get an extra post:)
It took so much time, because I made a lot of research. Most of the tricks would work - with tinier fingers:))))
Have a wonderful day

23. November 2017

Tiny Cube Stack

And because I loved to pile cubes when I was a child, I had to make them with one of my favorite designs with cute animals. The tiniest one ist a little bit tricky to make:)
Have a wonderful day

Tiny Post Offices


Have you played post office? I loved it! So I was happy when I found these vintage games and I made them with a tiny stamp, postmark, money and everything else you need:)
Have a wonderful day